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Givenchy Spring 2013 Details 

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Super custom Stolen Babies mermaid shirt with all-over print.

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Lzzy Hale

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lady in the water (2006)

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Brody Dalle live at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA on 7/21/14. One of my worst concert experiences ever. Fucking hated this crowd. First off, there was this asshole who kept shouting “fuck yeah! Wake the fuck up!” almost routinely every 10 minutes while we were waiting for the opener to come on. Speaking of the opener, Slothrust, they were awful. Only thing I enjoyed was the dummer. The lead singer sucked ASS, she didn’t have a good voice at all. Kinda annoying that she was getting paid to basically talk over shitty music.

Once they got over, this CUNT, yes a cunty cunt motherfucking cunt comes up an elbows me and I think she thought I was going to move. (I was right up front of the stage) and I gave her a look. She continued to elbow me, but stopped once I think she realized I wasn’t moving. Show then eventually starts and people are going ape shit. Brody looked like a robot and if she didn’t have such an amazing voice I would have thought she was a robot. She was good, but she is probably the dullest performer ever. She said she’s shy, but she gave the impression that she was doing this for a paycheck, not for the love of the music.

ANYWAY, fucking cunts behind me are pushing me and I’m like fucking confused if there is a mosh pit behind me or if I am about to raped. I had my ass fondled at least 10 times, and hands were flying everywhere so I was afraid someone was going to try and reach into my pockets and steal my shit. People were so fucking close to me because they suck and didn’t bother to get there an hour early like I did, and couldn’t accept that they weren’t up front. One guy was so close to me I could feel his breath in my ear. LIKE BACK THE FUCK UP. I eventually moved after maybe her 3rd or 4th song. I stepped on shoes and shit. I didn’t care, I needed to get the fuck away from the front.

I went towards the back and leaned against a pole for the rest of the evening. I actually could hear much better and had a better view of everything on stage. But it made me kinda laugh that people were moshing at this show. People are kicking and punching and screaming while Brody just looks so unamused. I think moshing is fucking stupid, but that’s a story for another day. Anyway, I tried to calm myself down and enjoy the rest of the show. I was really pissy her first 5 songs were Distillers songs. I like The Distillers, but I came because it was a Brody Dalle show. I love her new solo album, and she did more Distillers songs then the album she is out promoting. I overheard various people say “Omg she’s doing Distillers songs” and “Yes! The set list is full of DIstillers songs!”. Fucking I am not a hardcore Brody fan, and I consider these “fans” fake. I cannot stand when people will go to shows, have no clue about new material, and want to party like it is 1999. I personally think artists should maybe do 2-3 of their greatest hits, then that’s it. Fucking sing the material you are on tour to promote.

I was very surprised at the lack of security at this show. There was one dude sitting on stage left who I assume was security. But they really should of had security to hold back some of these crazy ass mofos, and to get that guy who screamed every 10 minutes the fuck out. Sidenote about that guy, when we were outside he PULLED DOWN HIS PANTS to show some girls a tattoo on his leg. Fucking gross. He called himself “the dad” at the show, more like the fucking loser.

I think The Sinclair is a cool venue. Saw Crystal Bowersox there before and loved it. Was right up front for that show as well. I love the lack of barricades. It makes the evening very intimate. But god, I really need to stay away from punk shows. I go to plenty of rock and some metal shows, and there are assholes there. But this crowd of punk fans has their own breed. Fuck all of them. I don’t think I’ll ever go to another punk show again, nor would I go see Brody again

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Kingdom Hearts 1.5/2.5 HD ReMIX

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Daughtry @ Shepherds Bush Empire, London - 31/03/14

Myles Kennedy - Alter Bridge

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Original by András Tőrös

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