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  • Saw The Pretty Reckless, with support by Crash To Midnight and Adelitas Way on 9-10-14 in Boston, MA at House of Blues. Shitty night I must say. I paid $100, which would include my concert ticket, merch, and a meet and greet. Yeah well the band was unfortunately late cause their bus caught on fire. So they were just LOADING IN as the doors were supposed to open. So doors were delayed by an hour. And in that extra hour I got to hear guys try and guess Taylor’s name: “Mobsen”, “Boobsen….Hahahahaha shes so hot. That’s the only reason I’m here” in return. When I got in it was fine, found my new favorite spot away from the humans near the bar, and was consistently checking my phone to predict when they were gunna go on. Yeah well they didn’t go on till 10:35, and I had to catch a train. So I could only stay till 11. I was so fucking pissed, and still am. You’re telling me they were doing their meet and greet at like 12 AM? I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who had to leave to catch the train. I emailed the VIP company and they said they would send me my merch, which I appreciate. But I am still fucking pissed I basically wasted my money.

    To see all of my pictures from this show, go here: https://www.facebook.com/Order328/media_set?set=a.679837208780032.1073741855.100002612789049&type=3

    Artists Have More Than Their Greatest Hits

    I don’t understand why people would pay to see someone perform two songs. As a frequent concert goer, I can say that concerts are VERY time consuming and can be pricey depending on how “big” the artists you go to see are. I usually buy tickets for a show I want to see right after tour dates are announced, assuming it fits in financially. (Well, fuck it if it doesn’t fit my wallet. I’ll come up with the money somehow) With this, I admit that sometimes the show date rolls around and I debate even going. I might have had a long day and just wanna relax, or I have a lot of homework. But I always go, cause sometimes that artist might not come back for a while.

    Sometimes I’ll see at shows people leave after an artist has sung their biggest hit. For example, when I saw Pat Benatar, she did one of her biggest hits in the middle of her show. And half of the audience left after that. Really!? You can afford to drop $50 + to hear someone sing ONE song. God damn, I think we need to shine a light on these people the next time someone bitches about how we are “in a recession cause of Obama”. Obviously people aren’t doing that bad, or busy as Americans claim to be, if you can donate half of your night in anticipation of one song.

    I feel it is insulting to the artist. They are up there trying to share all of their emotions they’ve felt in their music across their career. And you won’t even give them the time of the day because you don’t recognize their other material. I just don’t understand. You’ll wait 3 hours to hear one song, but you can’t take 45 minutes to an hour of your time to give an artist’s new album a shot? People let the media choose their interests. I’m just done with it. If some song by an artist you haven’t listened to in 15 + years got enough hype and marketing, you would go listen to it. Not because you WANT to, but because you want to keep up with popular culture.

    If I was one of these “one hit wonders”, (not really wonders, but you used them for one song and then didn’t pay attention to the rest of their career) I would probably retire if people didn’t buy my albums and only came me to hear me sing a song I wrote 20 years ago. Going back to Pat Benatar, I believe the last time I checked, her two most recent albums are out of print. Yet, she has been touring actively for the past decade. It’s just like, what is the point? The purpose of a tour is to PROMOTE something NEW. Really, tours aren’t actually supposed to be just a night of greatest hits. But that’s what someone I worked with recently thought. A volunteer at my job was complaining about how she went to a concert recently and the artist was mainly performing new songs, and kept talking about their new album. She explained, “I don’t really care. I wanna hear what I came here for”. Which I’m assuming is the greatest hit(s). It just bothers me that she spoke about this so candidly, without realizing how ignorant her words were.

    I may sound pious or annoying, but music is my life. Its one thing to be a casual music listener and just listen to the radio, Whatever, I can deal with that. But for gods sake I don’t understand why anyone would spend so much time and their hard earned money to hear one song. I just don’t get it.




    Black Widow by IceQueen1186

    In This Moment’s new album “Black Widow” will be released on November 18th. Their new single “Sick Like Me” is available for purchase now.

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    This is the attitude that every creative artist needs to take.


    I walked on set the first day and I looked over and I saw the most beautiful child with an unusual beauty, a special kind of beauty and I said “that’s Dorothy!” and I remember what a beautiful person she was inside.

    -Ray Bolger remembering Judy Garland

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    Brody Dalle -Dressed In Dreams

    I designed Taylor Momsen in Sims. Probably a little more “goth” looking then what she really is. But ehh. :) #TaylorMomsen #ThePrettyReckless #Goth #Black #Sims #Sims3